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10 simple investments to try in 2022

Money making should be a regular habit for everyone that has the quest to be financially free. This article on 10 simple investments to try in 2022 should help you in choosing a money-making machine if you haven’t found one yet.

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme I am coming to share with you but will probably add to whatever you have or believe you can invest.

The value of the internet has grown exponentially and you have to find a share of the cake by doing little things that will put some cash in your wallet.

Now marketing is the hallmark of every business.

Before will delve into simple investments to try in 2022, let’s discuss what social media marketing is.

What is social media marketing

The use of social media and social networks to advertise or sell company’s products, brands and services is referred to as Social Media Marketing (SMM).

Companies may use Social Media Marketing to communicate with immediate customers and reach out to new ones while promoting their intended culture, purpose or tone.

Simply for a novice, social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Twitch etc. are the benchmark of Marketing in social media. Most online businesses depend directly or indirectly on social platforms to scale up their businesses.

All the 10 simple investments in this article have a high tendency to yield massive Return On investment (ROI) using social platforms and ads as your business drive. Now let’s look at types of social media marketing.

Types of social media marketing

  • Creating content/ Marketing content: Creating content around a particular product or service in order to promote a brand or a company. This is the best technique for affiliate marketing.
  • Micro blogging: Blogs or websites have become great advertising tools for marketers and social media influencers. Most social media Marketing constantly or periodically post contents on their blogs to attract new customers.
  • Participating in Forums: the more expertise you are about a particular topic makes customers come to you for solutions. Forums are where people ask questions on almost every topic and are given answers by experts or those who are knowledgeable in a particular topic. social Media Companies also Leverage on this to advertise their brands or services.
  • Paid Advertisements: Brands and companies pay for ads placement on social media networks. For example, Facebook and Instagram ads. This brings brand awareness even though this method is somehow expensive, its return is worth it.
  • Influencers Marketing: Influencers are individuals with huge or established social media followers. Because of their massive number of audiences, companies and brands prefer to utilize their platforms to market their services at an agreed fee.
  • Sponsored posts: Marketers prefer displaying sponsored contents or posts on blogs with a high monthly traffic or unique visitors.

There may be more types of Social Media marketing but I am pretty sure it will fall under the above lists.

The simple investments to try in this 2022 need some marketing strategies in other order to succeed with good returns.

How to start social media marketing

1. Be clear about your objectives for using social media

Before you begin to utilize social media for making money, you need to ask yourself an honest question about why you are doing or even starting.

What exactly are you attempting to achieve?

Do you want to boost your sales or enhance your customer service? Or you just want to increase your brand’s visibility.

Setting your objectives right will give you a head start in social

2. Choose one social networking platform and start small

Slowly but steady should be your goal. Making a little progress every day is very necessary.

There are several social media channels to choose from. Th list goes on and on: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, are just a few of the many social media platforms available. If you are ambitious, you’ll want to get your business up and operate on as many of them possible.

However, you can’t or shouldn’t expect to establish a social media presence on each of these networks overnight.

3. select your target audience

When it comes to targeting an audience, you must be clear and objective on one important question: who is your audience?

You must begin small, think (Crawl, walk, run). Starting slowly but steadily.

Your target audience has an impact on everything. For example, if you are trying to reach out to parents, Pinterest should be your number medium. Facebook is inclusive and carter for almost every topic. You just need to set your advertising goals in an appropriate manner to reach your desired or target audience.

4. Select a unique and catchy brand’s name.

Your brand’s name is your property, your identity and your currency to buy people’s attention and make them your permanent fans or customers.

Brand name can be a company’s name or preferably, the name and the kind of service you offer.

Make sure you search for your brand name on all social media to avoid copying an already existing company.

A simple tool like Knowen can help you check your social media name on all social media networks.

10 list of simple investments to try in 2022

10simple investments to try in 2022

The list below is not in order of relevance or in accordance with the one that will make you financially independent.

A lot of people are making it through these little things yet demanding, to make side money apart from their regular jobs.


A freelancer is a self-employed worker who is paid on a per-job or per-task basis usually for short-term.

Working from home or non-traditional workspace, having a flexible and easy work schedule and having a better work-life balance are all advantages of freelancing.

You can get paid as a web developer, graphic designer, content writer, editor, SEO analysist and so much more within the digital space.

There are trusted platforms such as Fiverr, Upwork and LinkedIn that give you the opportunity to be hired and work from home based on your own working schedule.

Yet to start freelancing? then read:checklists on how to start freelancing in 2022.

Buying and HoldingCryptocurrencies

Digital currency is the order of the day because it has a reliable financial ecosystem.

You just have to buy a cryptocurrency or an NFT, hold it for some months or years to allow it to appreciate in value then sell it for a profit. That’s the simplest definition of trading digital assets.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) are now a hot cake since the web is shifting from web 2.0 to web 3.0 and the astonishing revelation of Mark Zuckerberg’s Metaverse. You can take a time off and read about What NFT means, Examples and Usage before deciding to trade with NFTs.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the key features or benefit of social media marketing. Affiliate marketing is simply advertising companies’ products and taking a commission when an item is being sold or being subscribed to through a dedicated link provided by an affiliate networking platform.

Almost every company online gives an opportunity for people to earn. All that you have to do is to recommend a product to anyone, when the item is being purchased, you take your commission. Isn’t that a simple kind of business? When customers do not buy through your link, you will probably lose nothing but in case you have a lucky day, you get a cool buck to spend on groceries.

Selling E-books

You might not have the capacity to do most things online but you have an idea about a particular topic that you can sell online. You educate people about frugal living (living within one’s financial capacity), how to start a business, how to choose a career for your kids etc.

All you need to do is to present your ideas in a form that is interesting and educative using PDF generators.

Knowledge is priceless and there are a lot of people online ready to give out anything for it.

Amazon Kindle is a good platform to sell books, you can leverage on that opportunity and make money out of royalties by selling your PDF formatted books.

Social media shopping store

You can set up your own shopping mall online without physically having a product to sell.

Just go to nearby stores, take a snap of a few items and post on your social media handles adding a little amount to the original price. It will surprise you with the number of people that might show interest in your pre-owned products.

WhatsApp Business app is one of the social media tools you can use to sell products online.

If your business is that large with a few workers, you can set up WhatsApp chatbot to take care of your customers’ needs when you are not readily available.

Other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and especially Instagram are all good for setting up online social media stores.

Delivery Service / courier

Delivery goes hand in hand with online stores since customers are not physically present at the store, items purchased need to be delivered.

You can opt for a delivery service or courier with a store near your catchment area.

Social Media influencer

If you are that type that can pull a lot of crowds on social media, then becoming a social media influencer should be your focus because it really pays off.

Being an influencer on social media is about numbers and you must be consistent with posting content that your audience have an interest in.

WhatsApp influencers are making small startups flourish through WhatsApp advertisement. People who are interested in your client’s business will save their contact and contact them for a service.

Drop Shipping

Drop shipping is simply collecting addresses of customers for an established online store. Drop shipping to an extent is somehow affiliate marketing because you are sort of advertising someone’s products with the intention of making profit by adding a little to the original price.

Alibaba and Shopify are leading drop shipping sponsoring companies.

Examples of Drop Shipping Online Stores



Domain Flipping

Domain flipping is not a popular means of making money but is worth trying.

Domain flipping simply means buying and selling domains to individuals or companies.

One way to source for a domain name is to look for young companies that are yet to make waves and buy a domain using their names.

As time goes and the company expands, they might consider going digital, and will consider

One of the disadvantages of domain flipping is how to source for leads and buyers.

Drop Shipping is somehow expensive because of the maintenance and the subscription of domain name and hosting.

Buying stocks online

Buying stocks is one of the common strategies to make money on the stock market. When you buy stocks, you are investing money in a company with the hope that it will prosper and appreciate in value with time.

As the company appreciate in value, your return on investment will also go high and vice versa.

Making money by buying stocks depends solely on the expertise level and objective of the individual investor.

Bottom line.

Making money online is somehow tedious, especially if you are a novice. You might consider buying courses that will enlighten you or doing more research on a particular money-making avenue before even deciding to start.

The truth of the matter is that people are cashing out big regardless of the ups and downs of the financial ecosystem.

There are a lot of business ventures that are not added to the list of simple investments to try in 2020. Investments such as T-shirt printing, micro farming, gardening etc. are good simple ways of making money but still you can source for customers online through paid ads.

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